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31 Mar

4 Moments with AJ Crimson

aj crimson 1

AJ Crimson takes a moment to reflect on the first quarter of 2016 and tells us what he feels his role is as a celebrity makeup artists and cosmetic line owner for younger artists and beauty entrepreneurs.

1.Whats was your best moment with AJ Crimson Beauty in the first quarter? I love that so many women felt the urgency to band to together and support us a brand! Finding ownership and pride in knowing that I’ve got their back! They send me notes everyday expressing that and sharing with others. It’s a great feeling.

2. What shades are “IN” for lips that would you choose to hold you down for the spring? I would say No Shade, Chasing Saturday and  Round Two!

3. What can we expect for the Spring with AJ Crimson Beauty? More amazing sultry and sexy moments in makeup!

4. What do you feel your role as a top celebrity makeup artists and beauty line owner is to new up in coming makeup artist and beauty line owners is? I hope that I’m an inspiration to others the follow their dreams and make it best of what you have today.


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