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“It Girl” Spring / Summer 2016 Search Details

If you are reading this your one step away from a life changing experience. Please follow the detailed directions below to have your submission count.

  1. Record yourself and explain why you are AJ Crimsons “It Girl” for Spring & Summer 2016. Your story can only be 2 minutes long. You must start off by introducing yourself and repeat I am (or a name), AJ Crimsons Spring & Summer 2016 “It Girl” because…Tell your story (or a story) of why your friend or family member should be the next  “It Girl”. At the end of the video please say thank you for viewing my story by you watching this video you have helped me in making me an “It Girl” a reality.
  2. Take 2 or submit 2 current images of yourself. 1 close up (head shot) and one full body
  3. Upload your video and images to dropbox or sendit (file sharing programs) and email your submission to , in the subject line please put your name and country your submitting for.  Note we will check to see if your name is registered with the contest. if not your submission will not count.
  4. Like, Follow and Subscribe to all of AJ Crimsons Social network to be informed and updated on everything AJ Crimson.
  5. We will choose 10 winners per country on March 2, 2016 to have their videos uploaded to our AskAJCrimson page. So you can share your story and build views to help you win.
  6. When a winner is chosen they will be contacted and requested to create a followup video saying thank you and how you feel about your upcoming trip to California.

How the top 10 are chosen:

AJ Crimsons creative team and AJ himself will view each story and look at the submitted images to pick 10 winners based on our Spring & Summer marketing goals and story.

How a winner is chosen out of the 10 left:

AJ Crimson will have beauty influencers and each contestant family and friends promote to have as many views as possible. The contestant with the most views during the 15 day time period will win and represent the submitted country.


Your Submission to the above email address states that you have read the rules and policies of this contest. If you have not read these please do so before submitting your materials.


  • About AJC’s “It Girl”
  • Past “It Girl”