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26 Jan


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We know your lipstick lovers and we have noticed that there have been some out of the box colors going around. Shades of blue, green and bright yellow seem to be in. What’s the deal? So for our #NEWYEARNEWYOUAJC we are going to show you that these shades aren’t meant to be worn alone—they’re meant to be mixed with other lipsticks to create customized, totally perfect-for-you colors.

No more throwing away lip colors that don’t quite fit your look—just add some yellow, green or blue until it’s perfectly customized for YOU!

How to do it.

“BOLD COLORS (Mixing your Look Up) is very personal, and mixing and matching allows you to create custom shades that are specific to you.,” says AJ. The simplest option is to layer one on top of another directly on the lips, pressing your lips together to mix the colors together. But the darkest color will always be more noticeable. So start with a lighter-colored base and add darkness a little at a time until you’re happy with the result.

If you want to be a little more technical, you can mix the colors together on the back of your hand for a perfectly blended custom shade. Use a stiff-bristled lip brush to apply, or an angled brush if you want a really perfect outline.

But what if you want to take your custom color with you? “If you want something more permanent, melt your existing shade in a small container (like an empty lip gloss container), then add in small shavings of the blue, green or yellow, and mix until you’ve discovered your perfect shade. So now you know how to mix your lipstick—now how can you tell which color you need to add? Our experts break it down.


AJ Crimson 1st Color of Choice: Role Play
Role Play is BOLD, Its YOU, It makes a statement.everytime


Role Play


So now you know how to mix your lipstick—now how can you tell which color you need to add? Let AJ break a few down for you.

The shade: Blue. – Cools down too-warm lip colors.
Colors you can create: 
Purpley-pinks, plums, deep reds, purples.

The shade: Green -Neutralizes pinks.
Colors you can create: Your perfect nude.

The shade: Yellow – Warms up overly cool colors.
Colors you can create: Oranges, poppy reds, tomatoes, tangerines.


AJ Crimson 2nd Color of Choice: Chasing Saturday
Chasing Saturday is that one color that accents any style your wearing for the day while bringing your beauty to the forefront.


chasing saturday

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