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8 Jan

Questions & Answers: Talking Makeup

Aj Crimson Beauty talking makeup 2

While the co-star of the nite (your makeup) is being applied by you or your makeup artist/girlfriend you tend to have questions about makeup and if your doing it right. Today AJ Crimson will give you the solution to all of those random questions…
We believe it would go something like this…

I wonder how I can make this makeup stay on longer. What should I use?

AJ Crimson: Eliminate Primer, primer, primer! The most important part of makeup application for my clients is moisturizing the skin under their foundation and under their eye shadow. I never use a a primer with AJC Dual Skin Creme Foundation, primers tend to make the product slip and Dual Skin doesn’t need it and works best without it! Even on oily skin!! If you love primer use it only in the extreme oily areas! My suggestion, USE LESS PRODUCT!! and build coverage ONLY here you need it!



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You know what! If i can do this smoky eye I would be the hottest thing for that event. What would be the easiest way to do it?
AJ Crimson: There are different types of smoky eyes. The ones that fade light to dark are probably the most difficult to achieve. If you are still a beginner in smoky eyes, using a single base color is the best way to start. A smoky eye can be achieved with any color so pick a solid dark color and cover your entire lid. Next, pick a light beige or cream color and place it right under the brow line. Last, you will need a shade of brown or beige that is one or two tones darker than your skin color. Place this between the brow color and the lid color directly under the brow bone, this will allow for an awesome contoured look. Finally, take your favorite blending brush and blend until you cannot tell when one color starts and the other one ends. You will have a fabulous smoky eye within minutes.

I never know in what order do I need to follow to put my makeup on, do you know?
AJ Crimson: Start with the skin first! Listen you want your best self to shine through! Great skin is the first step! Only if the look your planning requires multiple eyes would I start with the eyes first. The advantage of doing the skin first – you create the perfect canvas where with a touch of powder for reduce shine, a cost of mascara and your favorite lipstick creates an amazingly fresh look!! Doing your eyes first allows for you to easily wipe away any fall from your eye shadow before you begin your foundation. Lips, of course, are last. This will prevent any smudging that comes from your hands while doing the rest of your make up.

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