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10 Feb

Valentine’s Look of Choice: The Red Dress

Aj Crimson Beauty valentines 5

Looking amazing is more than just putting on that dress. Your personality must come through in your walk, talk and way you glow in a room. A sexy red dress that is stylish but not too over dressed is great for that Valentines Day date. Add AJ Crimsons Sultry and Matte Slayyed It! Lipstick, matching bag and shoes to accent the dress and set the tone for the night.

Image Credit: Dress to Kill Magazine Online  |  Model: Sessilee Lopez  |  Photographer: Laurent Elie Badessi  |   Fashion Editor: Yso


Slayyed It

Knowing you look good is when nothing anyone can say or do can stop your flow. This is done with an amazing attitude, dress, bag, shoes and Slayyed It Lipstick – $18.50



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